IMG_0040wIMG_7967wOpportunities in musical and dramatic expression are vital to a student’s journey of self-discovery. At Pinecroft, students develop their own appreciation of the performing arts through participation in weekly music lessons and semi-annual public performances.

Beginning in kindergarten, students are exposed to various genres of music from traditional folksongs to Mozart, from Brazilian songs to The Beatles. They learn to clap out rhythms, sing the solfege scale and memorize lyrics.

Starting in grade one, each child learns to read music and to play the recorder. Twice a year the students put on a dramatic and musical performance. Stage performance contributes to a student’s self confidence and public speaking talents and provides an opportunity to develop memorization skills and self discipline. Students leave Pinecroft with the ability to play music from a written page and with an understanding of jazz, rock, country, blues, Brazilian, pop and classical music.

“One of my best Pinecroft memories was finding out I am actually good at music! My teachers inspire me to do my best.”(Alana, age 10)