The emphasis of the art curriculum is on imaginative thinking, creative self-expression, and confidence building through the instruction of basic skills, sensory awareness and experimentation in a variety of media. Students learn what it means to be an artist: to take care with their work, to respect the tools and the processes of making and to focus on a project until they are proud of the finished work.

The unique learning context encourages creative thinking and design through stories and myths of other cultures, studies of art history, interdisciplinary projects and inspiration from nature. We believe that visual art making is a living process that supports self-definition and a means to discovering new possibilities, new thinking and a new understanding of the world.

Each class is an hour and during this time, the children are given plenty of opportunity to develop unique projects that are often produced in multiple stages.  Sometimes the children participate in the set up of the classroom, as well as the clean up so they understand the cycle of work unique to artists’ practice.  It’s a dynamic environment where we share fun and learning.

The art room is a spacious, light filled environment equipped with a wide range of media and tools.  In the classroom we strive to create an environment of joy, natural enthusiasm and respect. We support children to trust their way of doing things, and to be creatively brave. Upon graduation, children see they are artists in their own right, having learned to trust their imaginative ideas and to express them freely on their own terms.

Student interns from the Studio Art program at Wheaton College assist throughout the year. Guest artists are invited to conduct specialized workshops, and special art enrichment programs are offered after school. Yearly exhibitions feature the children’s work for public view.

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