???????????????????????????????The framework of the Pinecroft math program is built on a traditional foundation. We begin with conventional math skills and concepts, then demonstrate and practice the use of these skills in everyday life. Teachers use manipulatives, graphics, three-dimensional models and actual scenarios to make math real. Students use intuition, deductive reasoning and  analytical skills to develop a comprehensive understanding of operations, patterns and space. They are asked to use the fundamentals to think conceptually. Students become well-versed in customary math vocabulary as they master the tools used to measure and understand their environment and their world.

Through cross-curricular integrated lessons we encourage active discussion and creative problem solving to foster a practical use of math skills.

“What I like best about school is that whenever we do something it will have to do with what we are studying. That way we don’t just learn something new and forget what we were learning before!”
Ivana, age 9