Social Studies

From local community to global community, the Pinecroft student discovers the stories behind the people. Our social studies curriculum focuses on the human aspects of our world. Through inter-disciplinary studies and exposure to various cultures, our students construct an understanding of societal identity. Active involvement in the learning process is reflected in the use of maps, globes, artifacts, literature and primary and secondary resources. The  curriculum incorporates oral and written language activities, the arts, history and current events. Students become energetically engaged in the research process and learn to identify and discern facts from opinion. In the upper grades students are introduced to the history of the United States, capturing the spirit of exploration, discovery and invention.  We encourage the students to practice critical thinking skills and to use their intellectual curiosity about the differences and similarities in people and cultures to see the world as a coherent whole.DSCN7119wIMG_2410 IMG_2409IMG_2312 IMG_2310 IMG_2204 IMG_2202 IMG_2198vvIMG_2320???????????????????????????????DSC_0147wDSC_0304wDSC_0149w???????????????????????????????