Mary King’s Retirement

Dear Pinecroft families, alumnae, alumni, and friends,

As I approach the end of this school year, I’m mindful of all the years that have preceded this one at Pinecroft. 1982 was indeed a while ago. There have been changes – faculty, site, curricula; however, the vision, the mission, and the dedication that encompasses The Pinecroft School are enduring.

Pinecroft is unique. On several occasions when I was involved in course work for professional development, I was asked to talk about Pinecroft at some point during the sessions. Surrounded by educators from different settings, I described enthusiastically The Pinecroft School. Invariably, I was received in the same way. Educators recognize the value of a child-centered environment, small class size, individualized instruction, freedom to expand creatively, and a strong commitment from all involved. Thankfully, you do, as well.

The Pinecroft School has existed because of you. Your recognition of the importance of the education that Pinecroft has offered is paramount to its mission. As I retire in June, I hope you will reflect on Pinecroft’s influence and make a decision to donate to The Pinecroft School and its future.

Sincerest regards,

Donate to Pinecroft in Mary King’s name