Language Arts

???????????????????????????????The language arts curriculum is dedicated to the success of our students as readers and writers. Using both traditional and contemporary texts, teachers guide students in the development and use of comprehension skills and strategies. Phonics and decoding strategies begin in kindergarten and continue through grade 5.  Students become knowledgeable in the vocabulary and discussion of all genres of literature.

From poetry to prose, from plays to news articles, from scientific texts to comic strips, students practice the in-depth analysis of written text and engage in thoughtful discussion of their findings.

Students maintain writing journals to use as “seeds” for published pieces.   They are exposed to a variety of graphic organizers and practice drafting,  revising and editing to arrive at a final “published” piece. The students’  writings are collected in a cumulative portfolio. Through self-editing, peer editing and one-on-one conferencing with the teacher, students learn the basic mechanics of writing and become competent in the structuring and organization of an essay. Emphasis is placed on growing vocabulary, the use of figurative language, and forming a personal style and clear voice.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????IMG_0556wIMG_1654w