The word science originates from the Latin, scire, to know.  Our science program is designed to help students know their world and their relationship to it. Through exploration and hands-on experience, Pinecroft students learn to acquire knowledge and develop understanding.


Our science curriculum introduces the scientific method in kindergarten and encourages students to ask  questions,  form hypotheses, make observations and develop conclusions. While engaging in purposeful investigation, students are taught the safe use of materials, and, through trial and error, they become familiar with effective experimentation and collection of evidence.  ???????????????????????????????

They make models and keep accurate records of their observations. ???????????????????????????????Experience-based lessons are closely tied to the other curricula, demonstrating the integral nature of our world.

IMG_0739wStudents make connections between the physical and the aesthetic. Field trips, nature walks and guest speakers enhance the classroom experience and further the students’ ability to realize their world. ???????????????????????????????